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Everything I Loved More:

True Tales of Rocks and Rails


Author: Dakota Walz

Creative Director / Illustrator / Publisher: Jasmin Menez


Everything I Loved More is a roller-coaster of true short stories that follow a young man searching for sincere adventure along the tops of freight trains and mountain ranges.

One nausea-inducing moment he’s hanging on a single flexing hold of sandstone hundreds of feet off the ground and the next he’s attempting to skirt the sexual advances of a meth smoking trucker while hitchhiking through the middle of nowhere. Between the many gripping scenes, his debasing humor acknowledges how romantic and foolish it all is. 


Each singular adventure tells an important journey between the tales. This is a journey of a young man who fights against his mental health issues with a potent dose of unabashed recklessness—and how well it almost works.

Book Mockup New.jpeg
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Signed Screen Print from Everything I Loved More


Artist: Jasmin menez

5 Color


11x17 screen print of original artwork done for Everything I Loved More. Signed and hand numbered by the artist.


Run of 62.

Limited Supply!
$40 each
EILM Screen Prints.jpg
Northern Buttey.jpg

Northern Buttey


Author: Dakota Walz

Creative Director / Designer / Publisher: Jasmin Menez

Lead Photographer: Matthew Eckelberg

The definitive guide to the unlikely rock climbs North Dakota.


When a newcomer thinks of North Dakota, images of bomber hats and frost bite and wood chippers come to mind. As the 3rd flattest state in the Union, we're known as an endless prairie tundra covered in bitter sheets of snow and ice most the year. But is it really all that bad? The short answer is "Ya, you betcha!" But the long answer is, no . . .

As one travels westward across the state, the nowhere plains wane and begin to give way to rugged northern Badlands. Small mounds of grass graduate to ebbing waves of striped dirt hills flowing and

growing continually beyond the horizon. Cattle speckle the ranch lands, meadow larks flavor the air with a distinctly pixelated melody, and the scent of sagebrush is thick in the persistent breeze. Tucked away somewhere within these sights and sounds, on forgotten back country roads are historic ranches, sacred lands, churning oil derricks, and even - if you know where to look - rock climbs!


*Although originally published in paperback, this book is only available as a $10 PDF at this time.

Climb KC For Free:

A hoodrat's guide to Kansas City Urban Climbs


Author and everything else: Dakota Walz


This zine style guidebook to buildering routes includes 27climbs of various styles including perfectparking garage cracks, bolted bridges, and face climbs with glued on holds. It’s likely that none of theclimbs in this guide are legal which is why this is the extent of any info you’ll find on the subject.


*This guidebook is currently sold out with no intent to reprint.

Climb KC Free.jpg

3D Digital Scan of Dakota


Artist: Dr. Scanner


Download a full-body scan of your favorite rock climber for 3D prints or whatever else you use 3D digital scans for!

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