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Northern Buttey - Digital PDF

Northern Buttey - Digital PDF


The definitive guide to the unlikely rock climbs North Dakota.


When a newcomer thinks of North Dakota, images of bomber hats and frost bite and wood chippers come to mind. As the 3rd flattest state in the Union, we're known as an endless prairie tundra covered in bitter sheets of snow and ice most the year. But is it really all that bad? The short answer is "Ya, you betcha!" But the long answer is, no . . .

As one travels westward across the state, the nowhere plains wane and begin to give way to rugged northern Badlands. Small mounds of grass graduate to ebbing waves of striped dirt hills flowing and

growing continually beyond the horizon. Cattle speckle the ranch lands, meadow larks flavor the air with a distinctly pixelated melody, and the scent of sagebrush is thick in the persistent breeze. Tucked away somewhere within these sights and sounds, on forgotten back country roads are historic ranches, sacred lands, churning oil derricks, and even - if you know where to look - rock climbs!

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